impossible stringband

Twelve years, eleven tours, South of France

Pete playing at Pamiers Eileen playing at Pamiers Frank playing at Pamiers Jean-Luc playing at Pamiers

Above: Soirée Celtique, Pamiers, February 2013 (photos courtesy of Paul Barbier)

guests dancing at Domaine de Villarzens

Guests dancing at a Soirée Musicale dans Domaine de Villarzens, 2012. (photo courtesy of Monique, Villarzens)

Radio interview

Pete and Jean-Luc interviewed for ContactFM 88.8, by Farid Kherdouche, 2012

Pete, Eileen, and Jean-Luc in meditative pose before show

Pete, Eileen, and Jean-Luc in pre-show meditation, blending into stage art, 2011

Le Cocagne, St. Felix de Lauragais

Guests join the Impossible Stringband at Le Cocagne, St. Felix de Lauragais. See the video of this combo, taken by young lady from Tennessee on Frank's phone, 2010.

Frank on bass, Villelongue d'Aude, Cafe Milo

Pete croons at Cafe Milo in Villelongue d'Aude, Jean-Luc on brushes & washboard, 2010.

-The Impossible Traveling Road Show.