impossible stringband

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The Impossible Stringband is a four-piece musical group featuring:

  • Peter Brazier, guitar, mandolin, fiddle & vocals
  • Jean-Luc Patard, guitar, washboard & vocals
  • Frank Hall, fiddle, double bass & vocals
  • Eileen Fleming, harp, double bass & vocals
Pete Brazier playing mandolin, wearing hat Eileen Fleming playing harp Frank hall playing fiddle Jean-Luc playing guitar

Pete, Eileen (top), Frank and Jean-Luc playing at Soirée Celtique, Pamier 2013 (photos courtesy of Paul Barbier)

band playing in evening setting under trees

Singers and players on a variety of instruments and in several styles.(photo courtesy of Monique, Villarzens)

band photo

Long time friends who have met in Ireland and France, and discovered mutual music interests.

Traditional Irish Music, Old-Time American, Cajun, and Swing

That's right! We play music from four different acoustic styles and traditions. Included are: harp compositions from the 18th century, traditional Irish dance tunes, old-time fiddle tunes and songs from the Appalachian mountains, Cajun two-steps and waltzes from the Louisianna bayous, as well as swing and pop numbers from French Gypsy sources to tin pan alley


The Impossible Stringband is available for acoustic music venues, festivals and events anywhere that variety, spirit, and a sense of tradition in music is appreciated